Diplomacy Wiki

The standard Diplomacy game board has 11 regions, groups of territories categorized by controlling Great Power or lack thereof, on it. Seven of these regions represent the starting (de jure) territory of the seven great powers while the other five represent uncontrolled clumps of territory. Regions are simply an easy way to subdivide the board and do not have any in-game meaning or value.

Controlled Regions[]

  • The British Isles (England’s de jure territory)
  • Deutschland (Germany’s de jure territory)
  • France (France’s de jure territory)
  • Italia (Italy’s de jure territory)
  • Austria/Austria-Hungary (Austria-Hungary’s de jure territory)
  • Russia (Russia’s de jure territory)
  • Anatolia and the Levant/The Middle East (Turkey’s de jure territory)

Uncontrolled Regions[]

  • The Low Countries (Holland and Belgium)
  • Iberia (Portugal and Spain)
  • North Africa (All territories south of Europe excluding the Middle East)
  • Scandinavia (All territories north of Germany, west of Russia, and east of England)
  • The Balkans (All territories between Austria, Turkey, Russia, and Italy)