Diplomacy Wiki

The following table represents what types of (and how many) territories are between countries at the beginning of the game.

File:Diplomacy map.PNG

Map at the start of a Standard game.

B means that the countries border eachother, W means there is water between them (on the shortest path), L means there is land between them, and * means there is more than one path, some of which have water and the others have land at that part.

England France Germany Italy Austria Russia Turkey
England - W W* WW** W*LL W* W*LLL
France W - B B L LL WWWW
Germany *W B - L B B LL*
Italy **WW B L - B LLL WW
Austria LL*W L B B - B L*
Russia *W LL B LLL B - B
Turkey LLL*W WWWW *LL WW *L B -